About My Studio


During my days of teaching and child rearing, I had a small pottery studio in my house and I continued my interest in pottery as a hobby.  Upon retiring, with more time on my hands, I turned a life-long hobby into a business.  My husband felt that the cramped studio conditions were holding back my ability to develop as a potter.  With his encouragement, we established Aerobie Fields Pottery.  An architect friend, Carl Stearns, designed the building and our friends at High Peak Carpentry, Bob Wagner and Kevin Boyle, with help help from a summer employee, Jake Hipps, built it. 


People ask me about the name, "Aerobie Fields Pottery."  When my husband and I first moved to Westport, NY, in the Champlain Valley, we lived "downtown" on South Main Street.  When our children were 10 and 6 years old, they were running out of room to play in our small yard, so we moved four miles away to the "country" where there was a huge open field.  It was here that our children had plenty of space to play and throw an Aerobie, which is similar to a frisbee, but is a ring, not a plate shape.  Hence, the name Aerobie Fields was chosen.  When the new studio was built, it became Aerobie Fields Pottery.  


We live at the base of a mountain, on the banks of a river, with a stream and several fields.  There is a multitude of plant and animal life to inspire me, whether it is a fern, feather, blade of grass, leaf, shell from the river or stone from the garden.